StayOnline IEC 60320 C20/C13 Power Cords, 14 AWG, SJT

The StayOnline IEC 60320 C20/C13 Power Cord is manufactured under ISO14001:2004 and ISO9001:2015 certified management systems and is tested for dielectric voltage-withstand (Hi-Pot), polarization and continuity.

The C13 connector on this cord mates with the C14 male inlet which is commonly found on desktop PCs and rack mounted servers. The C20 male plug mates with a C19 outlet which may be found on newer power distribution units (PDU).

Although the C19’s maximum rating is 20 amps, any product with a C14 inlet can draw a maximum of 15 amps which dictates the maximum rating of any cord in this configuration. There are no C20 to C13 cords that are rated for 20 amps.

The StayOnline IEC 60320 C20/C13 Power Cord features three 18awg conductors with North American Color Coding surrounded by a robust SJT (Service Junior Thermoplastic) outer jacket. The StayOnline IEC 60320 C20/C13 Power Cord commonly used between a high-end PDU and computer in a data rack or cabinet. In data environments keep length of cords to a minimum to avoid contact with Ethernet cables.

The StayOnline IEC 60320 C20/C13 Power Cord cord was previously branded under the PowerFig label. The conductor color code is Black, White, and Green – North American Color Code (NACC). Certifications of this power cord include UL/cUL and Sony Green Partner.

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