Tension Control Bolt Assemblies

Bristol Machine Company’s Tension Control Bolt’s design incorporates a button head configuration for an increased load bearing area under the head of the bolt. The threaded end of the bolt incorporates a spline drive with a break-neck groove adjacent to the spline. The thread length is per ASTM specifications

Bristol Machine Company’s Tension Control Bolts feature: visual inspection – no torquing required, control tension, guaranteed preload and high clean-up, one man installation, cannot be over-torqued, meet OSHA standards with Silent Installation and are tamper proof from head side.

Bristol Machine Company’s Tension Control Bolts are interchangeable with other high tensile fasteners (A235, A490 Series), use standard bolt hole sizes, provide performance unaffected by tool or tool wear, require no tool calibration or air compressor for installation and provide extended tool life.

The Bristol Machine Company introduced this new and efficient bolting system decades ago and today we are still serving the bolting, erector and general contractor market around the world. If you have any questions about our tension bolt assemblies please call one of our tooling professionals at 909.598.8601