AN7-41A Airframe Bolt

Part Number: AN7-41A

AN7-41A Airframe Bolt, Inventory: 2262, Thread: 7/16-20, Grip Length: 4 7/32, Fastener Length: 3 9/16, Drilling Type: Undrilled, Surface Treatment: Cadmium Plated Steel.

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Quantity Break Pricing

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Grip Length

4 7/32

Fastener Length

3 9/16

Drilling Type


Surface Treatment

Cadmium Plated Steel

Inventory Note

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AN7-41A Airframe Bolt

The AN7-41A Airframe Bolt 7/16-20 with a 7/16” shank diameter. All sizes of AN7 bolts have a 0.656 inch thread length, regardless of grip length. This thread length has been carefully calculated to accommodate a full-height nut plus one AN960-716 washer. The threaded end of the AN7-41A Airframe Bolt is tapered, to allow easier starting of the nut. The AN7-41A Airframe Bolt is tapered on the last threads, for ease of installation of the nut. The AN7-41A Airframe Bolt has a tensile strength of 125,000 psi and a shear strength of 76,000 psi. If the AN7 AN7-41A Airframe Bolt is overstressed, it will bend first rather than snapping.